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Coaching is helping others discover what has been inside them all along and using their unique creation to excel into their goals, dreams and passions.  I am a certified Divine Intelligence Spiritual Coach who has been trained through the International Coach Federation PCC ACTP Path and working on my 500 required hours.  I focus much on the spiritual aspect of our existence believing that we are eternal spiritual beings having a temporal experience.  For corporate situations where that is not the best organizational fit, I easily work within the desired context.  

My best and happiest clients are those that are wanting a direct connection to their creator and more out of this life.  


One on one

Individual Coaching Youth to Retired

Each Client comes for different reasons.  For some it is a short term calibration and for others  there is a much longer path to sojourn.  My goal is to see you reach yours.



Personal and Spiritual Development

Groups made up of people after a common goal, like Transformational Leadership or  the Divine Intelligence Process.  Groups are limited in size and include a group dynamic as well as one on one sessions.

Team Talk


Corporate and Athletic

The team dynamic is not one easily navigated.  People brought together with different gifts, talents, and personalities to accomplish a goal is easier said than done, but VERY possible!

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